Good Stuff vs Bad Stuff

A lot of stuff is written these days. There’s a lot of stuff in general. Stuff in our closets. Stuff in our car. In our heads. On our desk. Computer. Bench. Bed. Mind.

I’ve got A LOT of stuff. Sometimes we enjoy having stuff. I’ve got my iPhone, my laptop, my printer, my camera, my car, my hockey stick, my cricket bat, my my my. All of these possessions I lay claim to. We get so caught up in the things we own. The next thing we want to buy. That we forget to appreciate all that we have now. In this moment. This day.

Amongst all our stuff, all our emotional and physical baggage, we lose ourself. In fact, now you’ve sat down and read this, you’ve got more stuff! More thoughts running through your head. More supporting or conflicting ideas swirling around your complex brain trying to sort themselves into a neat little queue. As our Primary school teacher had us line up to gain control over the class, we attempt to align our thoughts and goals to feel in control of our lives.

But surely without stuff, we don’t exist. ‘Cogito ergo sum‘ as Descartes put it; ‘I think therefore I am‘. If we don’t have stuff leaping about our minds, are we not then as simple a being as the dog or cat we own? Inevitably we decide on the stuff we have in our lives.

More money means more material stuff. More intellect means more knowledgeable stuff. More insight means more people stuff. At what point does stuff lose value? The word itself is wearing thin it’s been said so much here. Of course there are different types of stuff. None are better or worse. They are simply different. There is though, variations of stuff. There are things I will do that I know will evolve me. There are other things I’ll do that won’t. Similarly with stuff.

We all choice what we surround ourselves with. We choose who and how we will interact with others. There is so much to get lost in today though, that we can quickly lose touch with ourselves.
Joe Dispenza, a very insightful American man, sums up stuff very well:

‘For the average person in the world who lives life and considers their life boring or uninspiring, is because they’ve made no attempt to gain knowledge and information that will inspire them.’